Fez, Morocco

Fez, Morocco

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Fez Morocco

Fez is the definition of magic, a cauldron of beautiful charms that’s been simmering since medieval times. The city has almost everything Morocco has to offer; the ringing hammers on sheets of brass, the squawks of chicken strolling all around, perpetual voices of endless talks, the deep voices of prayers passed on from a minaret to another, young women balancing trays of rolled dough on their heads, crowds of people in the narrowest of streets, the enticing aromas of brochettes on open grills, the sweet scent of cedar shavings and freshly cut mint leaves. The life size maze that is the medina, old city, is the largest and most difficult to navigate in Morocco; sometimes it's even easier to simply lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of the various markets. Entering the medina through Bab Boujeloud, bear left immediately onto shop-lines, bamboo-shaded rue Talaa Kebira. Nearby to the left is the grain market, while further along is the entrance to Bou Inania madersap the finest Qur’anic university in Morocco. Built under the Merinid Dinasty in the 14th century its beautifully carved white plaster walls and mihrab remain in remarkably good conditions. The Zaouia de Moulay Idriss contains the tomb of Molay Idriss II, who made Fez the capital of Morcco in 808. The cedarwood portal is decorated with faded geometric patterns. Close by is the 14th century Al-Attarine Madrasa. Behind the superb bronze door lie intricately carved plaster walls topped by a cedarwood mantle and a splendid fountain. Other worthwhile places in Fez are the viewpoints to the north of the city or most parts of Fes el Jedid, with the Royal Palace, the Jewish Quarter and the Museum Dar al Batha. Once the capital of the country, today Fez is Morocco’s third largest city but is considered the country’s religious, cultural and intellectual centre. Located between the Riff and the Middle Atlas Mountains, the city is made up of Fes El Bali, the old city, and Fes El Jedid, the New city. The King of Morocco’s wife, Princess Lalla Salma, was born in Fez which has made this medieval city even more popular.
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Fez-Saiss (FEZ)
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  • Mechouar Fes Jdid
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